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Find Peace from Anxiety

Girl with hands on head experiencing relief from anxiety.

One in three college aged students meets the criteria for clinical depression. This means that 33% of college students experience such overwhelming and persistent worry that it impacts their daily functioning. This is not even including those of us that just feel stressed out from time to time. Now, not all stress is bad. There’s … Read more

Fear Not—It’s Just Office Hours

Often in therapy, my clients mention that they are struggling in a class, The first thing I always suggest is attending office hours. And…… inevitably students push back. They simply don’t feel comfortable going to talk one on one with their professor. They feel like they are wasting the professor’s time, or they are not … Read more

Feeling Lonely in College?  You’re Not Alone.

Image of a college student feeling lonely or down.

Various surveys on college campuses in 2023 showed that somewhere between 40-60% of students felt lonely. Especially if you attended a smaller high school and knew (or at least recognized) most other students, college can feel anonymous and lonely. We know that social connection is one of the most critical pillars of mental health and … Read more